Veteran and Family of Four Gets New Central Air and Heat

New AC Unit. Linda with her Husband and Brad with It's Our Turn, Inc.

It’s Our Turn, Inc. assisted a Veteran, Linda, and her family of four by replacing the central air conditioning and heating unit in their home. In the picture is Linda and her husband on the left, and Brad Jacobs with It’s Our Turn, Inc. on the right. Below is a letter It’s Our Turn, Inc. received from Linda.

I would like to sincerely Thank It’s Our Turn, Inc., for coming through for my family of four. 

A lovely Christian friend of mine saw my post on social media about it being chilly in my poorly insulated home. She is very close to It’s Our Turn, Inc. 

She contacted them and let them know of our situation of having a broken Central air/heat unit. 

I joined the US Army when I was 18 years old in 1994. I completed basic training in Fort Leonard Wood Missouri and my permanent party base was at Fort Gordon Georgia. 

I am now 46, happily married coming up on 20 years with two teenage daughters. 

Brad called me right away and had a guy out to my house the very next day. We were about to have the coldest two nights Florida has seen in years. 

There are not enough fantastic adjectives in this world to describe how wonderful this organization and its members are. 

The unit was installed so quickly. The coming into existence of It’s Our Turn is purely God-breathed. I have been saying, (God didn’t want us to be cold, and neither did It’s Our Turn!)

We had been barely getting by on one income for several months and could hardly afford the space heaters we had invested in. To have a whole brand new warrantied new unit put in for my family was such an amazing blessing. 

To provide us with such a HUGE HAND UP, especially during a time of struggle was really such an incredible blessing. 

We are now both working and getting through this temporary rough patch. It has been LUXURIOUS, to say the least, to be able to press that button and turn the heat on during these cold patches. We will be blessed many times over with the air conditioning as well. 

The new unit will save us a lot off our energy bill. Our old unit was costing us over $300 a month. 

I am still in a state of amazement over how much they’ve invested in my family, showing us such kindness and effort to keep us comfortable. 

Brad showed up while the unit was being installed to take a picture together and handed me the brochure to It’s Our Turn. Reading it and learning how they began was so heartwarming and honorable. I have had the privilege of meeting one of the original founders and now two of them. 

I want to share the biggest God Bless You and  Thank You words can say to all their staff, members, volunteers, and contributors. I am also very excited to have been able to contribute a little bit by sharing one of my no longer needed space heaters and an electric blanket to another lovely person so they wouldn’t be cold either.